Facility Managers Manual

Facility Managers ManaulAvailable To: Associate Members, Supporting Members, Affiliate Members, and Participating Partners
Written by: Rod Heckelman
Non-Member Price: $500

What's Included:

In this ever-changing landscape that is the tennis industry,Rod Heckelman has put together a manual that all tennis facility managers will find useful. Drawing on his vast experience, Rod covers all the topics that a manager or tennis director needs know about to effectively, efficiently—and profitably—run a tennis facility.

Rod started this guide years ago as a way he could pass on his knowledge and help his fellow facility managers
grow their businesses and grow tennis overall. Importantly, like the tennis business itself, this manual is
a living, changeable thing: Rod constantly updates and adds to it. The digital edition here also will be updated
regularly by Rod to reflect changing conditions, ideas and methods.

Racquet Sports Industry magazine first started excerpting chapters of the “Facility Manager’s Manual” in 2006. But
we soon realized that Rod’s manual fits perfectly with the Tennis Industry Association’s mission to “promote the growth and economic vitality of tennis.” Now, thanks to the TIA, the complete manual is available all at once, so that all managers and directors can reap the benefits.

We hope that you find the “Facility Manager’s Manual” useful in promoting and increasing your business. Please refer to it frequently, print out chapters that are important and relevant, and pass along to your colleagues the information—and the web link—for this all-important business tool. We are grateful to Rod for making this available, and we also look forward to hearing your comments too.

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