10 and Under Tennis Dashboard Shows Progress Toward Growing Game

As the tennis industry's focus on growing youth tenniscontinues to expand across all segments, key performance indicators for the youth initiative show positive signs of growth.

The USTA produces a monthly 10 and Under Tennis "Dashboard" that helps track key performance indicators, such as red, orange and green ball sales (tracked by TIA Census Reports), new youth-sized courts installed, and more. For 2012, many of the categories greatly exceeded 2012 goals.

One of the key components to measuring success of thisinitiative is youth tennis participation rates, which are measured annually in the USTA/TIA Participation Study. For 2012 there was 13% growth in the number of players ages 6-11 versus 2011, up to 3.7 million youngsters.

Another key component for measuring the initiative is the distribution of red, orange and green (ROG) balls that are utilized in 10 and Under Tennis play formats. For 2012, units and dollar sales of all ROG balls were up 38%. Much of this growth was driven by the 83% greater distribution of green tennis balls in 2012 than in 2011.

Key performance indicators on the 10 and Under Dashboard that exceeded 2012 projections include:

  •  Installation of permanent 36-foot and 60-foot courts/lines, which were at 145% of the 2012 goal.
  •  The number of Kids Tennis Clubs were at 294% of the 2012 goal.
  •  The number of 10 and Under Tennis Play Days were at 198% of the 2012 goal.
  •  Tournament Participation was at 121% of the 2012 goal.
  •  JTT participation was at 119% of the 2012 goal.

In addition to these areas surpassing 2012 goals, the number of qualified and registered organizers on 10andUnderTennis.com were at 95% of the 2012 goal and the number of Recreational Coach Workshops, 10 and Under Tennis Workshops, and Tennis Teachers' Conference participation were at 86% of the 2012 goal.

For more information on the 10 and Under Tennis dashboard and other key industry metrics, visit TennisIndustry.org/Dashboard.