10 and Under Tennis Dashboard & TIA Research Tracking Success of Initiative

As the 10 and Under Tennis/Youth Tennis Initiative continues to roll out, both the USTA and TIA have employed various monitors to track its progress. The USTA’s “10 and Under Tennis Dashboard” keeps tabs on participation aspects of the initiative, among other measures, while the TIA is tracking manufacturer shipments of red, orange and green balls. (These metrics are available on the TIA's website at TennisIndustry.org/Dashboard.)

The USTA’s Dashboard reports that nearly 1,300 new tennis facilities this year have registered as qualified 10 and Under Tennis providers. More than 3,000 tennis courts have been lined or constructed this year to meet youth tennis specifications. As of the beginning of September,there were more than 3,300 registered Kids Tennis Clubs and 10 and Under Play Days, and that number is expected to increase as the partnership between Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play and the USTA progresses, including key promotions by Nickelodeon’s TV stars.

The USTA Dashboard also is monitoring participation injunior tournaments and Junior Team Tennis. "While we want kids to focus on the fun of tennis, it’s also important to grow the number of participants in junior tournaments and playing JTT, as support of the new rule change continues to increase across the country,” says USTA Chief Executive of Community Tennis Kurt Kamperman.

To measure the industry impact on manufacturers and the supply channel, the TIA tracks wholesale shipment data of red, orange and green tennis balls in its quarterly ball census reports. Mid-year shipments of red, orange and green balls were up 42% in both dollars and units compared to 2011. Youth tennis racquet shipments were up 7.2% in dollars and 3% in units for the first half of 2012.

"It's important that we monitor the impact we're having on the youth-tennis market as the entire industry continues to dedicate resources to growing the game among this demographic,” says TIA President Jon Muir.

For more information on TIA research, contact research@tennisindustry.org or 866.686.3036.