2012 TIA Cost of Doing Business Retailer Report Slated for Release

Every two years the Tennis Industry Association releases its Cost of Doing Business Study for Tennis Retailers, providing this segment  with key performance indicator benchmarks and other industry averages. Retailers who utilize the report have the opportunity to see where they are performing well against the rest of the retail landscape, as well as identify areas in which they may be able to improve their operations. This year's report is slated for an early March release and will available to Associate TIA Members and above.

Despite recessionary challenges that started in late 2008, there are bright spots in this year's version of the report, as retailers have learned to better manage their operations amid a troubled economy and restrained consumer spending.  For instance, average revenue for retailers is up 18% over the previous survey period in 2010. It is important to note, however, that when comparing 2012 revenue to 2005 (pre-recession), there has been a smaller increase of 3% in average revenue among tennis retailers. Overall,  45% of retailers reported their tennis retailing operations were up versus 2010, a 5 percentage point growth from 2010.

To reserve your full copy of this year's Cost of Doing Business Tennis Retailer report, contact the TIA Retail Manager, Marty Mohar, at 843-473-4505 or email marty@tennisindustry.org. Learn more about TIA member research and benefits by visiting TennisIndustry.org/Membership.

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