2016 State of the Industry Analyzes Research on Participation, Equipment and More

The 2016 State of the Industry report is available from the TIA and outlines key research to help tennis industry businesses and organizations. The TIA produces more than 70 annual research reports, and the State of the Industry analyzes this data to determine where this industry has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

Here are some key data points from the current report. (The 2016 State of the Industry report is available to TIA Members, starting at the “Industry” ($100) level of TIA membership. Visit TennisIndustry.org.)

* The TIA’s Annual Tennis Economic Index grew 3.6% in 2015 to $5.94 billion.

* The industry saw a marginal increase in total participation as well as increases in facility revenue, lesson revenue and ad/sponsor revenue.

* The annual Physical Activity Council's Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Participation Study showed total participation at 17.96 million, up 0.3% from 2014.

* Core players (who play 10+ times a year) grew 0.5% to 9.96 million. Core players are responsible for 94% of all play occasions and almost 90% of annual consumer expenditures on tennis.

* The PAC study also showed an increase of nearly 13% in participation over the last year for the TIA-managed Cardio Tennis program to 1.82 million players.

* Youth Tennis participation (under 18 years old) declined overall 3.3%, however youth core participation grew 5.3%.

* The tennis equipment market continued to experience declines, with racquets down overall 6.0% in units, and youth racquets down 9.0%. Wholesale ball unit shipments grew in 2015 by 1.8%, and shipments of Red, Orange and Green balls improved 1.3%.

* Research shows nearly 15 million non-players are interested in playing tennis, and another 13 million consider themselves tennis players, but haven’t played in the last year.

Global Research: To develop a Global Tennis Marketplace Report, the TIA continues to work closely with global manufacturers on shipments as well as the ITF on tennis participation. Currently, participating manufacturers have access to the online GTS Tracker on wholesale shipments of racquets, balls, and strings completed in over two dozen countries and tennis participation in 20 different nations.