ATP Releases Statement on 2013 US Open

In a statement released today by the ATP World Tour, the organization voiced its support of the increase in prize money for the 2013 US Open and shared its concerns of the scheduling change for the 2013 men's final.

 "The prize money increase announced by the US Open for 2013 is appreciated and, together with the 2012 increase, represents the largest increase by the US Open since the ATP Tour began in 1990," says the ATP World Tour.

However, the statement suggests that the tour and its players still feel there is room for growth in the players' share of revenue generated from one of the world's most widely attending annual sporting events. "Over the last nine months the ATP and its players have asked that the US Open fully recognize the fundamental role of the players in driving US Open revenues, which are the largest in our sport," says the ATP.

In reference to the transition to a men's Monday final for 2013, the ATP appears pleased in the fact that men will now have a day of rest between the semi-final and final. " By modifying the schedule to allow a rest day between the semi-finals and the final, the US Open has recognized the incredible physical demands of men's tennis."

Despite the scheduling change, the ATP World Tour still encourages US Open officials to consider a Sunday tournament finish, coinciding with the similar scheduling logistics of the other three grand slam events.

"The ATP and its players have made it clear to the US Open that we do not support a Monday final. We strongly believe the US Open should keep a similar schedule to the other Grand Slams, with the men’s semi-finals completed by Friday and the final on Sunday. It is unfortunate the US Open response did not reflect our views on this issue and the ATP and its players will continue to pursue this matter in its discussions with the USTA."