Cardio Tennis Continues to Grow 'Down Under'

According to a recent consumer research study commissioned by Tennis Australia that focuses on its effort to grow participation in the country via Cardio Tennis, the program has "clearly succeeded in its launch objectives." The study, which was conducted by First Point Research and Consulting on behalf of Tennis Australia, was aimed at understanding how "the program [Cardio Tennis] has delivered against the expectations of participants and the broader target." In 2012, Tennis Australia launched the Cardio Tennis program at the Australian Open as a part of its efforts to grow participation in the game throughout the country.

Results from the study indicate that Cardio Tennis participants in Australia are predominately female with 56% of participants falling into the 35-49 years of age category. The Cardio Tennis program provides participants with the opportunity to get a great calorie burning workout in a fun and social atmosphere, perhaps a key reason that Cardio Tennis has delivered on the expectations of participants within Australia with satisfaction in excess of 95%. "I love the social aspect of it as well as having a fast paced cardio workout and sharing everyone's outcome/calories burnt at the end of each session," noted a participant in the Tennis Australia Cardio Tennis consumer study.

In addition, most participants are playing at least once per week, a key goal in Tennis Australia's initiative to increase tennis participation in the country. According to the study results, Cardio Tennis has succeeded in Australia of introducing many new players to tennis. "53% of participants were not playing tennis at the time they started Cardio Tennis," the report indicates.

As with Cardio Tennis in the United States, tennis coaches/teachers are a key delivery mechanism for the program in Australia, helping to generate interests and awareness about the program. Nearly 40% of Australian Cardio Tennis participants first heard about the program through a tennis coach, according to results from the study.

To help launch the Cardio Tennis program 'Down Under,' Tennis Australia held a free trial period for the program and the results for follow up were incredibly positive with almost 90% of those who participated in the free trial offer taking part in additional Cardio Tennis workouts since. Nearly 70% have participated in more than 5 workouts since.

Analysis from the report indicates "the vast majority of participants are drawn to Cardio Tennis on the basis of building fitness, variety of exercise & a fun environment."

"I'm excited to see Cardio Tennis starting to take off in Australia," says TIA Cardio Tennis Manager, Michele Krause, "it's a true testament to how this program can connect people, improve their fitness, and get more people into tennis for the first time."

"Tennis Australia is extremely pleased with our launch of Cardio Tennis, as the results from our recent consumer study are better than even we expected," says Karen Clydesdale, Cardio Tennis Leader for Tennis Australia. "We are excited to continue our partnership with the Tennis Industry Association for many years to come as we continue to focus our efforts on growing participation in Australia with Cardio Tennis."