Cardio Tennis "Get Fit Challenge!" to Hit Test Sites Starting in June

A select group of Cardio Tennis Authorized Providers have been chosen as "pre-launch sites" of the new Cardio Tennis - Get Fit Challenge!  As a part of the new online Cardio Tennis Interactive experience, the Get Fit Challenge is designed to help participants get even better results, stay engaged with the program for longer periods of time, and increase the enjoyment of the health benefits associated with Cardio Tennis via an online web portal that tracks calories burned, participant activity, provides healthy eating guidance, and more.

 During the challenge, participants will compete against each other and/or other facilities to reach their fitness and weight-loss goals.

Get Fit Challenge participants will each receive an online health and wellness account which will enable them to:

  • Track their exercise, nutrition, goals, and results
  • Download their Polar Heart Rate Monitor data directly into their account to track results
  • Participate in Fitness Challenges that will be specific to Cardio Tennis
  • Gain reward points for using the site, participating in challenges and more that can be used in the Cardio Tennis Rewards Store

Facilities who have been selected as the pre-launch sites for the Cardio Tennis Get Fit Challenge are receiving free marketing materials, a referral fee for every participant in the challenge, the ablity to participate in fitness challenges that will be specific to Cardio Tennis, and the opportunity to have their own branded, Total Health Interactive site at a discounted price once their facility completes the challenge.

Full scale launch of the new Get Fit Challenge is expected to be sometime in early 2013. For more information on this new and unique opportunity please contact Brian O'Donnell of the Tennis Industry Association at (843) 686-3036 x.223 or via email at