Cardio Tennis, TRX Cardio Tennis @ PTR 2013

Tennis professionals from across the world were welcomed to Hilton Head Island, S.C., in early May for the annual PTR Tennis Symposium, where the popular and growing Cardio Tennis program was on the morning schedule. In addition, two training courses, giving teaching pros the opportunity to become a Licensed Cardio Tennis Professional and Qualified TRX Cardio Tennis Professional, were held on the days following the symposium.

Kicking off the morning Symposium schedule on both Saturday and Sunday were Cardio Tennis workouts. All symposium attendees were invited to attend and participate in the free hour-long sessions.

"It was great to see the intensity, energy, and excitement during these morning workouts," says Michele Krause, TIA Cardio Tennis manager. "Tennis professionals from around the world have been excited about using Cardio Tennis to enhance their revenue models.”

During the Symposium, Krause and Dorian Adam, the director of Life Sports for TRX, gave a presentation on TRX Cardio Tennis, which expands on "traditional" Cardio Tennis by integrating the TRX suspension training system into the workout. The result, says Krause, is “the ultimate ball-striking and calorie-burning workout with power, strength, and flexibility components."

“The presentation offered an excellent opportunity for Symposium attendees to see a program that bridges the gap between the fitness and tennis worlds,” Adam says. “Plus, it can help a facility’s bottom line.”

In addition to the morning Cardio Tennis sessions and the TRX Cardio Tennis presentation during the Symposium, members of the TIA Cardio Tennis Trainer team from across the country traveled to Hilton Head Island to take part in the Cardio Tennis Masters training program. The main role of a TIA Cardio Tennis Trainer is to deliver the highest quality Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis Training Courses. Trainer members also deliver presentations and workouts at industry conferences and meetings.

"The Cardio Tennis program, brand, and product continues to evolve," says Krause, "and keeping our team of trainers up to date on new developments allows us to deliver the best, most consistent product possible anywhere in the world. This great team of TIA Cardio Tennis Trainers plays a pivotal role in setting the standard for the product and ensuring course participants receive the very best education so they can go home and deliver a fantastic Cardio Tennis experience.”

The Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis training courses were held on Monday and Tuesday, May 6 and 7, following the close of the PTR Symposium on Sunday. The two courses saw 25 tennis and fitness professionals from around the country and the world learn how to deliver the Cardio Tennis and TRX CardioTennis programs as licensed professionals.

Additionally, PTR members who completed one or both courses receive MAP points for their training. Both Krause and Adam noted the positive feedback they received from the training courses and look forward to growing the Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis programs in the U.S. and abroad.

“It’s apparent you’ve spent a tremendous amount of time working with both [Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis} courses,” said training program participant Don Moody of Aiken, S.C. “Great job. My sincere thanks to each of the trainers.”

Learn more about Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis at If you're interested in becoming a Licensed Cardio Tennis and/or TRX Cardio Tennis professional, view the training course schedule on the website for an upcoming course in your area. You can also keep up to date with what's happening with the program by following Cardio Tennis on Twitter (@CardioTennis) and on Facebook ( For specific questions about the Cardio Tennis program, contact the TIA at