Cardio Tennis Updates Training and Education Courses

Cardio Tennis, one of the fastest growing tennis programs in the U.S., has updated its Training Courses for tennis providers, adding a Level 2 for professional education for tennis and fitness pros.

With clear learning objectives and levels that build upon each other, pros can advance through Cardio Tennis Training Courses with a solid foundation of skills. Participants receive Continuing Education Units for all Cardio Tennis Training Courses with organizations such as the USPTA, PTR, NASM, ACE and NESTA. 

Build Your Foundation—Cardio Tennis Training Course Level 1:
* The six components of Cardio Tennis.
* How to deliver a proper Cardio Tennis session.
* The importance of heart-rate training. 

Pump Up Your Skills—Cardio Tennis Training Course Level 2:
* How to deliver sessions with unique numbers.
* Articulate the “standards” of Cardio Tennis.
* Demonstrate exceptional feeding techniques with emphasis on timing, tempo, spin and safety.

Take Fitness to New Heights—TRX Cardio Tennis:
* Perform and coach others to safely set-up and use the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ in a tennis environment.
* Demonstrate and coach the TRX® Cardio Tennis® exercises.
* Demonstrate and coach others to modify exercise intensity for individual fitness levels.
* Teach a TRX Cardio Tennis class from the TRX Cardio Tennis Lesson Plans.

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