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A Quick & Easy Guide to Tennis Retail Email Marketing

As much as many people may hate it, or rather it is perceived to be hated, email is still an effective way to not only communicate with your customers, but also drive sales for your retail business. There are a variety of stats and figures to the contrary to show that email marketing is STILL an effective way to increase consumer engagement and potentially drive sales for a business.

Retail Tip 126: Take Advantage of 'Webrooming'

The latest retail buzzword is “webrooming,” which describes a fast-growing phenomenon that retailers should come to like—when customers research a product online, then purchase it in a brick-and-mortar store. It’s the opposite of “showrooming,” where consumers browse in a store, then buy online.

Retail Tip 124: In Today's Retail World, You Need to be Consumer-Focused

When it comes to your tennis retail business, is it about the “product,” or the “experience”? Tennis products are important…right? Sure they are, and there is no question that a racquet well selected, with the right grip and strung properly, is an important part of any tennis player’s game. But the process of selecting and purchasing the right racquet as part of a tennis lifestyle shopping “experience” with your store brand, that is, as the commercial says, “Priceless!”