Changes to the ITF Rules of Tennis concerning Player Analysis Technology (‘PAT’)

Tennis will introduce new rules to deal with ‘smart’ equipment that allows information about players’ performances to be recorded and viewed in real time. This is known as ‘Player Analysis Technology’ (or ‘PAT’ for short) and is defined as any equipment that collects, stores, transmits, analyses or communicates information on player performance, and includes items that a player wears (such as heart-rate monitors) or carries onto court (the racket), as well as devices located around the court (player tracking systems).

The ITF Rules of Tennis will change from 1 January 2014, such that PAT products will be permitted for use during competition played under the Rules of Tennis, subject to prior approval by the ITF. However, players cannot access the information that PAT products generate during a match, except when play is suspended and when coaching is permitted.

Only ITF Approved products will be permitted for use during play. Manufacturers that wish to submit PAT devices for ITF Approval can find more information on the ITF Technical website at or can contact the ITF by email:

The official list of ITF Approved products can be found on the ITF Technical website