Equipment Shipments See Mixed Results in Q2, H1

There’s some good news with wholesale equipment shipments for the second quarter of 2018 as balls increased in both units and dollars and racquets increased in dollars.

Total tennis ball wholesale shipments for Q2 increased .5% in units over the same period in 2017, while wholesale dollars increased 1.4%. Red, Orange, Green (ROG) ball shipments also rose 6.5% in units and 7.7% in dollars.

Year-to-date ball shipments for the January to June period, however, declined 9.5% in units and 8.2% in dollars for total balls over 2017. ROG balls, though, have been a bright spot for the first half of 2018, up 1.1% in units and 1.9% in dollars.

Q2 wholesale racquet shipments were up 2.3% in overall dollars, including a 3.1% dollar increase in adult shipments, compared to Q2 for 2017. Wholesale unit shipments, however, were down slightly for total and adult racquets. For combined Q1 and Q2, total racquet units were down 5.9%. But for the first half of 2018, average wholesale dollars increased 4.7%, which is another bright spot for the market in 2018 first half.

For Q2, youth racquets were down 1.3% in wholesale units and 3.4% in dollars over 2017. For the first six months of 2018, wholesale youth racquet shipments dropped 5.2% in units and 6.0% in dollars.

Total wholesale string shipments for both Q2 and first half of 2018 were down in units and dollars. For Q2, string shipments slipped 5.3% in units and 1.0% in dollars compared to 2017, while for January to June 2018, strings declined 6.0% in units and 5.2% in dollars.