Former WTA Players Participate in Cardio Tennis Training

Cardio Tennis is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the U.S.—since its introduction in 2005, it now has more than 1.3 million participants. Now, former WTA players are taking notice of the great health benefits the program provides, as well as the revenue it can generate.

The Tennis Industry Association, which manages the Cardio Tennis program, has presented more than 20 Cardio Tennis Training Courses throughout the country thus far this year, so tennis professionals can learn more about the heart-pumping fitness program, participate in on-court sessions, and bring the program to their members and players. So far this year, four former WTA players, who now are coaching or directing tennis programs, have taken part in these training courses:
* Gigi Fernandez: International Tennis Hall of Fame Member and former World No. 1 in doubles and No. 17 in singles, Fernandez currently is the Director of Tennis at the new Chelsea Piers facility in Stamford, CT.
* Leslie Allen: Former World No. 17 in singles who currently coaches varsity tennis in Riverdale, NY.
* Kyle Copeland-Muse: Former World No. 10 in doubles (with longtime partner Lori McNeil) who currently is the women’s tennis coach at St. John’s University.
* Roberta “Berta” Mccallum Russo: who reached as high as No. 26 in the world in singles.

“Cardio Tennis Training Courses provide a hands-on experience in how to deliver Cardio Tennis on court as well as how the program can be integrated at their facility and provide them with the education, tools, and resources to deliver a quality program to their members,” said National Cardio Tennis Program Manager Michele Krause. “For tennis directors and teaching pros, running Cardio Tennis is a great way to boost revenue. It gets a lot of people on court at one time, all having fun, getting healthy, and wanting to come back for more.”

Fernandez attended a Training Course at a club in Darien, CT, in May. "I took the Cardio Tennis course because in my new position as Director of Tennis at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT, it’s important to me that I understand every program we are offering our members,” she said.

A key component of the Cardio Tennis Training Course is demonstrating how the use of transition balls can mean players of various ability levels can participate on court at the same time and still get a great workout.

“I had no idea that I could have so much fun on a tennis court playing against players that were not at my level!” Fernandez said. “Our training had several players who where 2.5, 3.0 players. The use of transition balls is brilliant. Not only was I able to get an amazing workout, but I never felt like the level of my Cardio Tennis partners had any effect on my ability to enjoy the experience. I would recommend Cardio Tennis to anyone who wants to get a great workout while still playing and working on different aspects of their games.”

Former WTA pro Leslie Allen also enjoyed learning about how to deliver Cardio Tennis to players. “The Cardio Tennis Training Course was fantastic,” she said. “I particularly liked the new delivery system, which focuses on the client having fun in every CT activity. In addition to using Cardio Tennis with my Win4Life students, with this shift to heart-pumping fun, I can attract a much broader client base across all age and skill levels. Cardio Tennis is truly for everyone!”