Grow Your Business This Summer by Hosting a Kids' Tennis Club or Play Day

This summer tennis providers can take advantage of the revenue generation opportunities created by 10 and Under Tennis by hosting a Kids' Tennis Club or a Tennis Play Day.

Kids' Tennis Clubs is a new program introduced this year by the USTA that allows kids to try the sport in the 10 and Under Tennis format in a fun social group environment, structured much like organized extracurricular activity. The goal of Kids' Tennis Clubs is to help kids enhance their social, educational and physical development through tennis.  In this format tennis is introduced to kids as a fun activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family, rather than the traditional group or private lesson that focuses on proper technique and drills, helping build an enthusiasm for the sport that will convert kids into lifelong tennis players.

Tennis Play Days have been developed to provide young players of all ability levels an opportunity to compete with one another in a format in which they do not have to worry about being eliminated. The ultimate goal of Tennis Play Days is not who wins or loses, but rather to introduce kids to competitive tennis in a fun environment that creates a pathway to future participation in USTA JTT, Junior Tournaments, etc.

Generally, the USTA recommends that Tennis Play Days run from 2-3 hours and the participants have matches with and against a variety of players. Other Play Days guidelines the USTA recommends include:

  • Modified serving for less experienced players
  • Low pressure, non-elimination formats
  • Organized by level or flights
  • Rotate and play multiple opponents in short, continuous matches
  • Provide a fun atmosphere with refreshments, prizes and awards
  • Have a Parent Orientation to make kids parents aware of the goal of Tennis Play Days

Kids' Tennis Clubs and Tennis Play Days present tennis providers with great revenue generating opportunities as kids begin to break from school for the summer and parents are looking for fun, social, and healthy activities to enroll their kids in. Help grow your business and the sport by introducing kids to tennis via these fun formats.  To sign your facility up to host a Kids' Tennis Club or Tennis Play Day visit the organizer resources section of the USTA's website by clicking here.