IMG Academies to Host TRX Cardio Tennis Workshop

The new, innovative TRX Cardio Tennis program will get a big boost in July with a training course at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., where legendary coach Nick Bollettieri is scheduled to speak to the group. TRX training tools and education are already an important part of IMG Performance Institute (IPI). The TRX Cardio Tennis Pilot Training Course will be on July 22 (a Cardio Tennis workshop will be held the day before, on July 21). Visit for more information and to sign up.

The TRX Cardio Tennis workshop in Bradenton will be the third in the national rollout of the program. The first was in April at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York, followed by a session in May at the Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley, Calif. The Tennis Industry Association, which manages Cardio Tennis®, partnered with TRX Suspension Training® to bring this innovative training system to the courts.

“For the TRX Cardio Tennis Pilot Training Course at IMG, we’re especially reaching out to coaches and pros from tennis academies,” says Cardio Tennis Program Manager Michele Krause. “A lot of academies already have the necessary equipment and personnel to deliver this type of training to their attendees, so it makes sense in a lot of ways, including financially, that they add TRX Cardio Tennis to the menu of what they have to offer.”

Krause says for the Bradenton workshop, she also is contacting a number of former and current tour pros, high-performance coaches and other top tennis teaching pros to attend. The TRX Cardio Tennis session will be led by Krause and Dorian Adam, Director of Life Sports TRX.

TRX Cardio Tennis offers a comprehensive, full-body workout for participants. It combines TRX Suspension Training®, which is designed to facilitate an enormous range of body-weight training movements, with CardioTennis, the high-energy fitness activity featuring tennis games and drills for all ability levels and ages that delivers a fun, full-body, calorie-burning aerobic workout.

“Cardio Tennis has always been about working out in the zone, burning calories and training for tennis,” says Krause. “But historically, it has not emphasized strength and power or utilizing strength equipment. The highly regarded TRX® system is now the perfect complement to Cardio Tennis, adding strength, power, flexibility and balance to the program.”

“The TIA’s partnership with TRX® and TRX Cardio Tennis is very exciting,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. “This new program will allow current providers of Cardio Tennis the opportunity to enhance their fitness offering for their members and players and, in turn, help generate more revenue.”

TRX Suspension Training® is suitable for all fitness levels and ages, and combining TRX® with Cardio Tennis may well attract current fitness consumers to the tennis court. In addition, TRX Cardio Tennis works well with up to 16 players on one court—an ideal situation for club managers, owners and teaching professionals looking to maximize revenue and court usage.

For more on TRX®, visit For questions about TRX Cardio Tennis, contact the TIA at (843) 686-3036 x.223 or