Industry Developing 'Tennis Tune-Up' and Restring Campaign

In March, at meetings in New York City and Florida with retailers, manufacturers and the TIA Board of Directors, the idea of a “Tennis Tune-Up” and Restringing Campaign received widespread support as something that can help drive consumers to tennis retail stores.

The “Tennis Tune-Up”/Restringing Campaign is still in its formative stages and will be tied into the re-launch of the industry supported website.

The goals of the industry-wide campaign include:

  • Educating consumers about the need to restring their racquets regularly so they can play their best tennis.
  • Understanding the importance of matching a consumer’s racquet and type of string that best fits their playing style, ability level and swing style.
  • Promoting racquet experts for service, such as Authorized TIA Tennis Retailers with USRSA Certified Stringers.

“With across-the-board support, a tune-up/restring campaign can really move the needle for tennis retail,” says TIA President Greg Mason. “Everyone will benefit—including, and especially, tennis players, who will realize that to play their best, they need to regularly take care of their equipment.”

Retailers in attendance indicated that industry supported efforts such as the "Tennis Tune-Up" campaign could bring more customers into the store, create additional opportunities to up-sell,  create repeat business, and impact retailers' bottom lines as stringing is consistently one of the highest margin services.

 “As we talk more with retailers, manufacturers and other industry segments, we’ll form a plan to move forward with this campaign, which needs to reach all tennis providers and consumers at every level with a very simple and easy-tograsp message,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer.