Infographic Shows Increases in Youth Tennis Stats

In the most recent USTA/TIA tennis participation study, the age demographic that saw the greatest percentage increase in 2012 was young players 6 to 11, which increased 13% from 2011. Clearly, messages about 10 and Under Tennis are reaching kids, their parents, and tennis providers—and all of that is having a positive influence in other industry segments, too.

For instance, there are now more than 10,000 courts in the U.S. lined for youth tennis, including standalone 36- and 60-foot courts and blended lines on 78-foot courts. Sales of red, orange and green balls and graduated racquets continue to increase, as does the number of facilities offering 10 and Under Tennis programs and the number of kids in youth tennis competition.

The USTA recently produced the infographic at right to showcase some of the latest stats to tennis providers and consumers.