Introducing the Cardio Tennis Triples Tournament

Would you like to offer a new tournament format for your club or tennis group this season? Why not host a Cardio Tennis Triples Tournament? Usually there are only two types of competition available to players – tournaments and leagues. We know how long and frustrating tournaments can be and what a huge commitment a league is. With Cardio Tennis Triples, players experience the camaraderie of a league team in a format that only takes a few hours of intense, fun, and calorie-burning competition. You can run an entire event, keeping large numbers of people on court and having fun, in a single evening or weekend morning or afternoon.

The rules of Cardio Tennis Triples are simple. You have teams of between 3 and 6 players. Even if there are odd numbers it is not a problem because the players rotate after every single point, so they never sit out more than one fast-action point at a time. You use the orange balls so the points are long and dramatic and no one is intimidated by playing the net. Score is kept as a team with short matches to 10 or 15 points. The flexibility is amazing, and it makes the event a breeze to run. Most important, everyone has FUN and stays involved the entire time.

Because of its simplicity, it is easy to market not just to your loyal Cardio Tennis following, but also to players of all levels. It isn’t necessary to divide everyone up into levels to keep the competition close and exciting.

Bill Riddle of  Tennessee said, “this was the easiest yet the most successful tournament I have ever run in decades of conducting all types of tennis events. All the players loved it!”

A long-range goal for Cardio Tennis is to hold regional and national Triples tournaments. The first step is for clubs to host their own local tournament to generate enthusiasm for the format. A complete kit of marketing materials, rule, and forms for registration and keeping score will all available soon to Cardio Tennis Authorized Providers. For more information on Cardio Tennis Triples tournaments you email us at