ITF Announces Important Changes to Green Stage 1 Ball

The International Tennis Federation announced on February 10, 2014, important changes to the ITF Rules of Tennis as they relate to the Green Stage 1 ball and also ITF guidelines related to the use of the Green ball in competitive play at a national level.

Experimental Rule Change Extended until 2015
In 2012, the ITF adopted a rule change to the Rules of Tennis allowing the green ball to used at national level competition for all ages. The ITF is encouraging national associations to promote use of the Green ball over the course of the next two years, particularly at the recreational level.

Green Ball Coloring
Following meetings with manufacturers in the Tennis Industry Association, the ITF has agreed that the Green Stage 1 ball will be manufactured as a yellow ball with a Green dot on one-side to signify that it is a green ball. The ITF is no longer permitting in its specifications that the Green ball be two-colored. Additionally, the ITF recommends green balls to be packaged and sold similarly to yellow balls, in pressurized cans when the ball is pressurized and in standard packaging if non-pressurized.

New Balls at the Start of Competition

Finally, the ITF has introduced a recommended guideline that at the start of any form of competitive play that the balls should be new  at the start of play. This recommendation is also applicable for competitions also utilizing the Red and Orange tennis balls.

According to the ITF "the ITF believe that the changes detailed above are important for the development of tennis and can make our sport more attractive to players worldwide."