ITF Launches Tennis Xpress Promo Video

The International Tennis Federation recently launched a promotional video for its new "Tennis Xpress" program, which is geared at getting adults into the game of tennis by utilizing the slower  orange and green tennis balls. The use of these balls has been made popular by the Tennis10s program internationally and 10 and Under Tennis in the United States.

According to the ITF, "Tennis Xpress is an easy, active and fun coaching programme for starter adults and recommended by the ITF as the best way to learn the game. Designed as a nine-hour course over six weeks for clubs and tennis facilities, Tennis Xpress is centred on the use of slower Green balls (25% slower) and Orange balls (50% slower) to ensure that players quickly learn the rules of tennis, and the basic techniques and tactics of tennis, in an active way."

Click the image below to be directed to the new video.