Keep Your Music Fresh in your Cardio Tennis Classes

Article Courtesy of Lance Andersen, National Cardio Tennis Speaker

Cardio Tennis is the ultimate party on the tennis court! One of the things that adds to the fun and excitement is the use of music. You will want to keep your classes energized by changing your music regularly.

Keys to consider when obtaining music:

  • Keep the music gapless so that there is no dead air time between song transitions
  • You have the rights to use the music in your Cardio Tennis classes without having to pay royalties and licensing fees
  • My music is censored so that it will not offend your students
  • The BPM are correct to help stimulate a great workout

So how do I address all of the points above? The answer is simple, obtain your music from, or

PowerMusic, is the number one brand in the fitness Industry for obtaining music. They offer a wide variety of music averaging around $23.00 per album. WorkoutMusic, one of the PowerMusic companies, also offers a wide variety of workout music with many albums starting around $11. ClickMix, also a PowerMusic company, allows you to customize your mix.

Once you have purchased your music, you can download it and burn your own CD or import directly into iTunes. Click here to view the music available for download from Power Music.

Introducing ClickMix

ClickMix is a premier music service for Fitness and Cardio Tennis professionals. ClickMix provides a user-friendly interface allowing you to create your own custom mixes. ClickMix contains an extensive library of 32-count songs from different genres. You also have the option to browse and purchase mixes made by other ClickMix members.

Creating your own mix using ClickMix is easy. You can search for music using the ‘Find Tracks’ menu allowing you to search for songs based on genre, BPM, and fitness class format. Once you find a track that you would like, just drag it over to your ‘Mix Tracklist’. The order of songs in your ‘Mixed Tracklist’ can be changed by dragging them to where you want them to be. You can also change the BPM for a song, preview a song, or listen to the transition between two songs.

Each song you purchase on ClickMix costs $1.99 and may be used in 3 additional mixes. A 12 track ClickMix is only $23.98.

When you are ready to download your mix, go the ‘My Mixes’ section under the ‘Manage My Account Menu’ and choose your mix. Select the “Download Your Mix” button to copy the mix to your PC or Mac, which will download a zip file called “”. Extract the contents of the zip file to a directory allowing you to import your mix to iTunes or burn a CD using the ClixMix 1-Click CD burner software.

To burn a CD you can use the ClickMix burner software that gets installed in the same directory as your mix. Just insert a CD-R into your CD drive, launch the ClickMix CD Burner software, and the click burn button.

ClickMix has recently added an option to directly import your mix into iTunes. Create a new playlist in iTunes, select all of the MP3 files for your mix, and drag them to your playlist. You are now ready to sync your playlist to your iPod!

Is My Music Legal?

Yes, any music that you obtain from PowerMusic, WorkOutMusic or ClicMix can be used legally. Power Music has negotiated licenses and pays fees and royalties to the copyright owners of the music that you download. You can have the peace of mind that all of the music that you download from PowerMusic or ClickMix and be used freely without violating any laws.

How do I make sure my Music is Censored?

All of the music that you obtain from PowerMusic, WorkOutMusic or ClicMix is safe for all audiences so you do not have to worry about offending anyone. ClickMix does offer a few songs that are uncensored but they are specifically marked at such and censored versions of the song are also provided.