Make Money with Cardio Tennis

Since its inception in 2005, Cardio Tennis has become one of the most popular programming options for tennis facilities and clubs throughout the country, and internationally. In only 7 years of existence, the Cardio Tennis program has grown to over 1.3 million participants in the United States, is being delivered in over 30 countries, and Tennis Australia, the national governing body of tennis "down under," has signed an affiliate agreement to use the program as a key participation driver in their country. Learn how you can quickly get started with the program by visiting today!

Focusing on providing participants with a 'third way to play tennis,' the program centers on training in one's target heart-rate zone while moving to music that is tuned to the proper beats per minute and hitting lower compression tennis balls - making the program playable any and all ability levels. Cardio Tennis is a great revenue generation opportunity for facilities as it allows you to get high numbers of players on the court during a class and maximize your revenue per court hour above and beyond traditional lessons and other programs. For instance, the average price for a Cardio Tennis class is between $10-$15. Multiply that by 8 players and you could make nearly $120 in one hour of programming. Your facility can take advantage of this great program by signing up to become an Authorize Provider of Cardio Tennis today at

As an Authorized Provider, not only are you joining over 1,800 tennis facilities across the country that offer the program, but you're also tapping into the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of great benefits the Cardio Tennis program offers its authorized providers. First and foremost, as an Authorized Provider of Cardio Tennis, you are making a commitment to providing programming at your facility that allows players to interact in a fun social environment while improving their fitness and tennis skills - all at once. In addition, the minimal annual fee of $100 you pay to become an Authorized Provider goes towards helping the Tennis Industry Association, managers of the Cardio Tennis program, provide you with the following great benefits to grow your Cardio Tennis program - and ultimately - your revenue:

  • Access to the Cardio Tennis™ Invitation System — This online personal Tennis Invitation System will help facilities and pros fill their Cardio Tennis™ programs more easily, more regularly and to capacity. Click here to watch the overview video to learn more.
  • An Official Cardio Tennis™ Marketing Kit that includes a Cardio Tennis banner for your court, heart range poster, drills dvd, Cardio Tennis brochures, and much more!
  • Monthly Tennis Industry and Cardio Tennis™ e-Newsletters
  • Discounts on Polar heart rate monitors
  • Discounts on music for your Cardio Tennis™ program at
  • An opportunity to have a Cardio Tennis – Get Fit™ Challenge or Rally for the Cure Partnership
  • Access to turn-key Cardio Tennis™ special events, such as Cardio Tennis Games Tournament and Cardio Tennis Triples Tournament
  • Annual Tennis Industry Association Industry Membership — You’ll have access to marketplace and industry research such as the State of the Tennis Industry, a subscription to RSI Magazine, an opportunity to get business and health insurance discounts through TennisInsure®, FedEx PartnerShip® shipping discounts, merchant card processing discounts, and much more. Visit to learn more.