National Youth Tennis Retail Promotion Underway

Plans are underway for more than 1 million racquet hang-cards displaying youth tennis equipment educational messaging to hit the shelves of mass merchants, chain sporting goods stores, and pro/specialty tennis retailers starting later this year and into 2013. These racquet hang-cards, which clearly define age appropriate equipment and will be placed on youth tennis racquets, are a part of the National Youth Tennis Retail Promotion currently being coordinated by the Tennis Industry Association, in conjunction with and support from the USTA.

In addition to the racquet hang-cards, the TIA will continue to distribute 10 and Under Tennis "Retail Kits" to authorized pro/specialty tennis retailers of 10 and Under Tennis equipment. These retail kits include a Parents' Guide to Tennis, Growth Chart Wall Poster, Authorized 10 and Under Tennis Equipment Dealer door sticker, and 10 and Under Tennis Postcards. Pro/specialty tennis retailers who would like to become "authorized dealers" and be listed on the Retail Locator can do so by visiting and completing the registration form.

"The industry is making significant investment in growing the youth tennis market. Having a consumer base that is knowledgeable of the right equipment and that buys the right equipment will increase the industry's chances of converting kids into lifelong tennis players," says TIA President, Jon Muir. "The USTA is investing heavily in consumer marketing of the youth tennis initiative and manufacturers, retailers, and facilities are all contributing to the effort through the provider network of the industry."

"The goal of the National Youth Tennis Retail Promotion is to create a consistent retail branding strategy among the various distribution channels and consumer 'touch-points' that educates both retailers and consumers, helping to streamline the equipment merchandising and purchasing process for youth tennis equipment. In addition, it helps drive awareness of the youth tennis initiative (10 and Under Tennis) currently underway and drive age-appropriate youth tennis equipment sales through all retail channels throughout the US," says Jolyn de Boer, Executive Director of the Tennis Industry Association.

Additionally, in an effort to provide the consistent messaging to the broad consumer base necessary to support such an industry-wide effort the TIA has worked closely with the USTA and manufacturers to develop recommended guidelines for the display of youth tennis equipment at mass merchant and chain sporting goods stores.

Recommended display guidelines for online tennis retailers and pro/specialty tennis retailers can be downloaded by clicking here. In the coming weeks downloadable artwork for online retailers to utilize in the display of youth tennis equipment will be available at

For more information regarding the National Youth Tennis Retail Promotion or to give us your comments and feedback, contact Marty Mohar, Retail Development, of the Tennis Industry Association at (843) 686-3036 x227 or via email at