Net Tension Amendment Approved by USTA

The USTA Board of Directors, during the annual meeting in mid-March in California, approved an amendment to “Friend at Court” that recommends a net cord tension of between 400 and 450 pounds, with the tension of all nets at a facility to be within 25 pounds of each other. The amendment will take effect Jan. 1, 2015, and be in the 2015 edition of “Friend at Court.”

The amendment reads, in part, “Adjusting net cord tension is recommended before the day’s first match and before each match. … Use a net tension device when available. When a device is not available, tighten the net cord until the center of the net is approximately 39 inches (991mm) above the ground, and tighten the center strap until the center of the net is 36 inches (914mm) above the ground.”

“With the let cord serve now in play in men's Division I tennis, our committee felt it was important to offer a recommendation that tournament directors, umpires and players can use to achieve a fair playability range for net tension,” said USTA Technical Committee Chairman Randy Futty, who presented the amendment. “Additionally, our efforts were supported by the recent publishing of an ITF recommendation to regulate net tension.”