New Cardio Tennis Website Coming Soon

New Cardio Tennis Website Coming Soon has been revamped and improved--now with more detailed information for both tennis consumers and tennis providers about the expanding Cardio Tennis program. The enhanced functionality and technology features of the new site are crucial components to growing the base of Cardio Tennis providers and players.

Cardio Tennis for Consumers

For tennis consumers, the new site will make it much easier to find CT classes, as well as learn more about the program. An updated "Frequently Asked Questions" covers the highlights and details about this exciting and healthy program, and the library of overview videos and "One Minute Clinics" courtesy of Tennis Channel allows consumers to see Cardio Tennis in action.

The new site shows consumers the benefits of playing Cardio Tennis, shows how to properly train using a heart-rate monitor, offers success stories, and more. In addition, consumers will be able to search for and sign up for Cardio Tennis classes online. (Functionality to be released in mid 2013)

Cardio Tennis for Authorized Providers

With the new website comes a newly developed platform for Cardio Tennis Leaders to access Cardio Tennis marketing materials to make their programs a success.  Authorized Providers will have instant access to the Cardio Tennis Leader dashboard as well as other interactive features such as Cardio Tennis Interactive (an online fitness/tennis challenge software) and the Cardio Tennis Marketing Asset Management site, where marketing tools such as fliers, postcards, and more can be customized and downloaded.


The new is being released soon, so check  the site frequently for updates. If you have questions regarding becoming an Authorized Provider of Cardio Tennis and would like to speak with a representative, contact the Tennis Industry Association at (843) 686-3036 or email