New Recommendations for Replacement of ROG Tennis Balls

Red, orange, and green tennis balls, which were introduced to the market on a wide-scale in 2008 for utilization in play and instruction for players aged 10 and under, have a new replacement timeline recommendation from the International Tennis Federation.

During a meeting organized by the Tennis Industry Association in Weston, FL in March of 2013, the ITF, USTA, and Industry manufacturers came together to discuss uniform messaging on replacement recommendations for these balls, as well as the traditional yellow tennis balls. With the low compression nature of red, orange, and green tennis balls, it has been notedly difficult to determine exactly when it's necessary for the balls to be replaced.

For Training and Coaching
As a result of the meetings and after gathering feedback from both teaching professionals, players, and manufacturers, the ITF has established a 30/90 replacement recommendation timeline for tennis balls. Traditionally, yellow tennis balls are recommended for replacement every 30 days, whereas red, orange, and green tennis balls are recommended for replacement every 90 days.

For Competition
During the start of competition, the ITF recommends that red, orange, and green balls supplied be new at the beginning of the competitive play.

With respect to the Green Ball, beginning in 2014 manufacturers have agreed to produce green balls with the traditional yellow color with a green dot only and no longer produce two-tone colored green balls. Additionally, there has been agreement to include green balls in cans, and when appropriate, include pressurized green balls in pressurized cans.

For more information on these new ball recommendations, visit the ITF website at this link.