PAC Study Shows Growth in Cardio Tennis - Tennis Stable

Cardio Tennis participation grew  and frequent player play occasions were up nearly 2%, while overall tennis participation remained flat, according to the Physical Activity Council's  (PAC) Annual U.S. Participation in Sports, Fitness, and Recreation report. The study, which surveys participation across 125 different sports, fitness and leisure activities, is the nation’s largest report on physical activity. The survey, conducted online with a sample size of more than 40,000, is supported by six sports, fitness, and recreation trade organizations.

According to the 2012 PAC study, tennis participation was just over 17 million people. Frequent players, those who play 21 or more times a year, were just over 5.2 million Americans in 2012, also similar to the previous year. The number of play occasions by frequent-player were up nearly 2% versus 2011, a positive sign overall for the economics of tennis as frequent players account for over 70% of total tennis spending.

"We're encouraged to see stability in the PAC tennis participation figures and a growth in frequent play occasions," says Tennis Industry Association (TIA) Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. "2012 was a slightly better year for our industry as a whole than 2011 and efforts to drive play, especially in the youth market, began to take hold across our provider network."

One of the TIA’s key grassroots initiatives is the popular fitness and tennis program Cardio Tennis, which in 2012 increased to more than 1.4 million participants, up nearly 12% versus 2011, according to the PAC study. Cardio Tennis, which was developed in 2005, is now delivered at over 2,000 U.S. facilities and 30 countries. National Governing Bodies of tennis, such as the LTA and Tennis Australia, have integrated Cardio Tennis into their nations' plans to grow tennis participation.

"Cardio Tennis continues to bridge the gap between tennis and fitness," says de Boer. "With more health and fitness-conscious consumers who demand social interaction in their workouts, Cardio Tennis is a perfect fit as a group fitness activity." According to TIA research, men who participate in Cardio Tennis can burn 500 to 1000 calories in a one-hour session and women can burn 300 to 500 calories.

Although there was positive movement in participation for several sports in this year's PAC report, the study also shows an alarming trend in American participation in fitness activities. According to the report , 28% of Americans did no physical activity in 2012. Even  basic physical activities such as “walking for fitness” and “running/jogging” are measured by the annual study. This percentage of Americans who do no physical activity was unfortunately on the rise in 2012 versus 2007, when 25.5% of Americans reported no physical activity participation. 

The PAC report is supported by the TIA, U.S. Tennis Association, Sports & Fitness Industry Association, International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, Ski Industry Association, Outdoor Foundation and National Golf Foundation. To learn more about the Physical Activity Council's 2012 U.S. Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Participation study, visit For more information on tennis specific data, contact the Tennis Industry Association at or visit