Soft-Launches to Consumers It’s a very simple message—“Play tennis!”—yet its impact throughout this industry can be huge. The new has soft-launched to consumers, with the full launch expected in May, as a site where everyone in the industry can send consumers and players to encourage them to get in the game and to play more tennis.

With the major launch planned in May in conjunction with the U.S. National Playoffs, the crucial component of the success of is the presence of accurate and up-to-date provider information (i.e. courts, facilities, programs, courts, retailers, etc.) for the consumer searches.

To prepare for the full consumer launch of, certified teaching pros can update their information or create their free profile at, which is a portal developed cooperatively by the TIA, PTR, and USPTA.  Teaching professionals can include their information and programs for consumers to find them – including contact details for consumers take lessons and sign-up for programs.  Facilities and retailers can update their offerings and information at

The USTA and TIA, working closely with industry partners, have made a major commitment to, which will remain brand-neutral and convey a simple unified industry message designed to get more people out on the courts, more frequently. Tennis Channel and Tennis Magazine will also be contributing content for the website with instructional videos coming from Tennis Channel and gear reviews and instructional articles coming from Tennis Magazine.

Importantly, tennis manufacturers are on-board to help with the messaging—the logo will appear on more than 30 million ball cans, 1.5 million racquets, and on footwear boxes and other product packaging. also will be promoted through web banners, social media and in newspapers and magazines. will also be the presenting sponsor of the upcoming 2012 US Open National Playoffs.