POP Tennis Continues to Create New Excitement

POP Tennis, which is played on 60-foot tennis courts with lower pressure Green-Dot balls and shorter POP tennis (paddle) racquets, continues to gain followers in the U.S. A webinar, "Pop Tennis Coming to Your Club & Community," will be presented by the TIA on Thursday, Oct. 13, at 1 p.m. ET. The webinar will feature Ken Lindner, president of the U.S. POP Tennis Assocation; TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer; Virgil Christian of the USTA; and Lee Sponaugle, national sales manager for Sport Court.

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POP Tennis has been promoted by various tennis organizations as a fun way for players of all ages to remain active and healthy, and to improve their tennis skills. “There are a number of reasons why POP Tennis and the sport of tennis are such great partners,” Lindner says. “Maybe foremost, POP Tennis is tennis—except for the underhand serve, POP Tennis and tennis have the same strokes, movement, footwork, strategies and scoring.”

POP Tennis also recently was featured on KABC TV in Los Angeles. Lindner also underscored how POP Tennis and tennis are “perfect partners” in a recent article in the July/August issue of “TennisPro” magazine, which is the official publication of the Professional Tennis Registry, an organization of tennis teaching professionals and coaches.

POP Tennis is a rebranding of the 115-year-old game of paddle tennis. Now, though, POP Tennis has adopted the 60-foot courts and Orange or Green Dot tennis balls that are being promoted by the tennis industry and the U.S. Tennis Association to help players of all ages get active and learn the sport.

POP Tennis “demo kits” are available for tennis and sports facilities through www.growtennis.com, an industry site providing business tools and resources for facilities.

“Current and former tennis professionals, such as Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, John McEnroe, Stevie Johnson, Alison Riske, Gael Monfils, Sam Querrey, Mardy Fish, Jeremy Chardy and many others have all played POP Tennis, because it’s so much fun and totally tennis compatible,” Lindner says.”

For more information, visit www.poptennis.com.