Racquet Sales at Pro/Specialty Slide in 2013

Despite a strong start to the holiday season in 2013, where pro/specialty retailers saw a 4% increase in racquet units sold and a 7% increase in racquet dollar sales in November, year-end figures were down compared to the previous year. Racquet unit sales in the channel were down significantly in Q1 (-14%), which had a significant impact on total sales for the year as remaining quarters saw smaller losses in units sold.

For the year end, racquet unit sales were down a total of 6% versus 2012. Despite the losses in unit sales, pro/specialty retailers dollar losses were mitigated due to the rising price point of racquets sold through these channels in 2013 as the average price of racquets sold in 2013 was up 4% versus 2012. Total dollar sales in the channel were down 2%.