Recent Article from 'Market Watch' Indicates Most Shoppers Not 'Showrooming'

In a recently released article on Market Watch, it appears that some retailer's concern regarding "showrooming" - where a consumer comes into a brick and mortar store to view/test products and then goes home and purchases online  - may be somewhat misguideded.

An excerpt from the article reads:

"According to an IBM survey of 30,554 consumers globally at the end of November, only 8% of them said they “showroomed,” despite an increase from 6% in the prior year. Meanwhile, the survey showed 30% of total online purchases resulted from showrooming, a drop from about 50% a year earlier."

Full text of the article can be found by clicking here.

On a positive note, a new trend in retail is starting to help brick & mortar outlets - "webrooming." As online shopping continues to grow, research shows a synergy, or mutually beneficial relationship, between stores and online channels. For example, in a survey by global management consultant Accenture, 73 percent of respondents indicated they browsed at least once in-store and then bought online, but 88 percent said they participated in “webrooming”—browsing online first before buying in-store.

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