Red, Orange, Green—Make Sure You Stock Up on 10U Balls

Retailers, like coaches and teaching professionals, are important in leading the way in assuring that the “right” balls are being used by the “right” players for 10 and Under Tennis. As the spring and summer seasons are fast approaching, you need to make sure you stock the right inventory of foam and lower compression felt balls for your customers.

* Red foam and red felt balls should be used for boys and girls playing on 36-foot courts.
* Orange felt balls are for those playing on 60-foot courts.
* Green-dot felt balls are best for those 10U players competing on regulation 78-foot courts.
* Yellow balls are for players, typically 11 & over, playing on 78-foot courts.

If your shop is affiliated with a tennis facility, chances are you already see first-hand how these foam and lower compression balls are helping youngsters learn tennis in way that’s fun and allows for immediate success—in addition to learning proper technique from the start. In fact, many facilities have several carts stocked with red, with orange, with green, and—of course—with yellow balls. Having an ample supply of this “ammunition” enables teaching pros to teach more effectively, and to inspire more regularly.

10 and Under Tennis is leading tens of thousands of new players into our sport. If these young players experience more success at a younger age—which they will do with the appropriate balls—then igniting that passion for tennis becomes easier. And you’ll have significantly more “customers” to service in the decades ahead. So make sure you stock up on red, orange and green-dot balls—it’s great for 10U players and equally great for the long-term health of our sport.