Retail Division Receives Push From Manufacturer Reps

Thousands of retailers recently received postcards from the TIA urging them to “have a voice in your industry” by joining the TIA Retail Division. In addition, manufacturer sales reps received packets that include material they can bring to their retail accounts to help promote the Retail Division.

For retailers, membership in the Retail Division includes over $1,000 worth of benefits. “In fact, Preferred Card Services, which is making available to members the lowest credit card processing fees, also is offering a $100 credit to new members, which offsets most of the cost to join the Retail Division,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer.

Other Retail Division membership benefits include:

  • Highlighted placement on the TIA Retail Locator for consumer searches.
  • Discounted insurance, shipping rates and business assessments.
  • Research (including the annual State of the Industry report), manuals (including the recently updated Retail Manager’s Manual), and other tools and resources to help businesses grow.
  • The lowest credit card processing fees, though Preferred Card Services, and a $100 credit.
  • TIA Industry-level membership.

Manufacturer sales reps received packets that included copies of the Parent’s Guide to 10 and Under Tennis to leave with their accounts, along with referral cards to help promote the TIA Retail Division.

To join the TIA Retail Division ($150) , retailers should go to to sign up, or email for more information.