TIA Offering FREE Business Assessments for Retailers and Facilities

As a part of its ongoing effort to help tennis retailers and facilities grow their businesses and bottom lines, the Tennis Industry Association has partnered with the Gluskin-Townley Group and Cash Flow Tennis, two separate business consulting firms, to offer FREE business assessments to Associate Facility and Retail Members of the TIA .

The business assessment is done through an online survey format and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once it is complete, you will receive a confidential "score report," so that you can see where your business is strong and where it needs improvement.

"With today’s challenging and continuously changing marketplace, it's important for tennis retailers and facilities to understand what they are doing right and what areas of their business have room for improvement," says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer.

The facility and retail assessment program provides a 360-degree, top-level view of the business, helping those who complete the assessment to analyze areas in which their businesses excel, areas in which there is room for improvement, and areas that may be considered weaknesses that may need more immediate attention.

Both the Facility and Retail assessments are tailored specifically to each industry segment. The facility business assessment investigates eight areas of a facilities operations: business technology and reporting, financial benchmarks, facility operations, staff recruiting and hiring, ownership and management, facility environment, marketing and promotion, and customer service.

The retail business assessment also address many of the same business areas, but is tailored more specifically to retail operations. Areas covered by the retail assessment include business technology and reporting, financial benchmarks, marketing and promotions, store operations, store environment, staff recruiting and hiring, ownership and management, and customer service.

If you or your business is interested in taking advantage of this new member benefit from the TIA, or have general membership questions, contact Marty Mohar, Retail Development Manager, at 843.686.3036 or marty@tennisindustry.org.