Tennis Players on Forbe's Top Paid Athletes List

Tiger Woods may have beat out his friend Roger Federer to be No. 1 on Forbe’s just-released list of the World’s 100 Highest-Paid Athletes, but tennis players fared well overall.

Six pro tennis players made the Forbe’s 100 list, and Federer claimed the No. 2 spot for 2013, earning a total of $71.5 million, including $65 million off the court in endorsements and exhibitions. Woods totaled $78.1 million; he had the same amount of endorsement income, but earned more in prize money than Federer.

The top woman tennis player on the list is Maria Sharapova, at No. 22, earning a total of $29 million ($23 million in endorsements). Sharapova also was the top woman earner for all athletes on the Forbe’s list.

Other tennis players making the Forbe’s 100 are: No. 28 Novak Djokovic ($26.9M total, with $14M in endorsements); No. 30 Rafael Nadal ($26.4M with $21M in endorsements); No 68 Serena Williams ($20.5M; $12M) and No. 85 Li Na ($18.2M; $15M).