Tennis Tune-Up Campaign Gains Industry Support

Recently, the Tennis Industry Association re-launched to get more tennis players into the game and progress on the pathway to becoming frequent players. Accompanying the re-launch of the site is the introduction of an all-new industry initiative that is gaining support from retailers, manufacturers, and the USRSA—a "Tennis Tune-Up" campaign.

The goal of the campaign is two-fold: First, to help educate consumers on the need to be properly fit for tennis equipment and to restring their racquets on a regular basis, and second, to drive customers to tennis retail outlets and certified stringers for expert advice.

"Consumers benefit from knowledgeable retailers and racquet technicians to help them choose the frame and string that best suits their game and style of play, and who can help them determine when their racquet needs to be serviced," says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer.

"An industry-wide campaign to have people restring more and tune up their equipment will help all tennis retailers," adds Woody Schneider of NYC Racquet Sports.

To help consumers find retailers who participate in the "Tennis Tune-Up" effort, the TIA is currently developing an integrated search function for USRSA Certified Stringers and Master Racquet Technicians on its already existing "Find-A-Retailer" search of the re-launched website.

"We're happy to be a part of the Tennis Tune-Up campaign with the TIA," says Dave Bone, executive director of the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association. "This will help drive business to the thousands of USRSA Certified Stringers and Master Racquet Technicians in the U.S."

In the coming weeks the TIA will be working with the USRSA, industry manufacturers, and members of its TIA Retail Division to develop collateral material for tennis retailers and Certified Stringers and Master Racquet Technicians to utilize in the promotion and delivery of the campaign. Tennis retailers and other providers who want to participate in the campaign and be a part of should make sure they're listed on the retail locator, or that their listing is up to date, by visiting and clicking "Find a Retailer."  

To learn more about the "Tennis Tune-Up" campaign and the recently re-launched website, visit To offer your comments, suggestions or feedback on this new industry-supported initiative, email the TIA at or contact TIA Retail Development Manager Marty Mohar at (843) 473-4505.