TIA Conducting Annual Tennis Facility and Retail Census

Tennis facilities and retailers will soon receive a notice to update information about their business(es) in the "TIA's Facility and Retail Census." Providers will be sent a “snapshot” of the information they currently have posted in the GrowingTennis System, which supplies consumer search websites including PlayTennis.com, YouthTennis.com, CardioTennis.com and more.

When you click the link to your provider data, you’ll be able to update or add information on courts, programs, retail, and more. The information posted in the GrowingTennis System receives more than 4 million consumer queries each month, helping to drive business to your facility or retail store. Importantly, once you update your information in the GrowingTennis System, it will be available to consumers on PlayTennis.com, making it easy for consumers to get into the game and find playing opportunities at your facility or buying opportunities in your shop!

This free, “brand neutral” site focuses on increasing tennis play. Importantly, all the major tennis companies and organizations are supporting PlayTennis.com.

In 2014 the industry will also roll out a "Try Tennis" promotion, which encourages consumers to try tennis for FREE at participating facilities across the country. In the facility census, tennis providers will be able to "opt-in" to this promotion. Those participating facilities will then be searchable on PlayTennis.com as participants of the industry-wide "Try Tennis" promotion set to begin this May.

“PlayTennis.com is a unique site in the sports industry,” says Jolyn de Boer, executive director of the TIA, which manages the site. “Because it promotes the simple, unified message of playing tennis, it’s a site that every company and organization in tennis can drive consumers to. Current and potential players will see PlayTennis.com messaging on product packaging, in advertising, at tournaments, and more.”

If you have questions about your businesses listing on sites such as PlayTennis.com, please contact the TIA at info@tennisindustry.org or call at (843) 473-4504.