TIA Conducting Research to Monitor Tennis Dealer Trends

The TIA, along with its long-time research partner, Sports Marketing Surveys, USA, is currently analyzing data to produce one of its annual trademark market intelligence reports - the Tennis Dealer Trends Study.

The Dealer Trends Study highlights store trends among the specialty retail segment of the trade, as well as brand perception for tennis gear and equipment from specialty tennis retailers. This annual report gives the industry's manufacturers a pulse on what products tennis dealers are carrying and the demand these dealers are seeing for the products in their respective stores. Additionally, the study highlights areas in which tennis dealers face opportunities and challenges, as well as highlights dealer's perceptions of the various brands and products in the industry and how they perform in comparison to other competing brands and products.

Preliminary results from the 2013 report include:

  • 46% of dealers say 2013 YTD racquet sales increased over 2012 sales
  • 52% of dealers saw a significant spike in consumer interest of 10 and Under Tennis equipment over the past 12 months
  • Fewer retailers are expecting decreased racquet sales for 2014 than those who expected decreased sales in 2013.

For additional information on TIA research, please visit TennisIndutry.org/research or email the TIA research department at research@tennisindustry.org