TIA Conducting Research to Monitor Trade & Consumer Trends

The TIA, along with its long-time research partner, Sports Marketing Surveys, USA, is currently analyzing data to produce two of its annual trademark market intelligence reports - the Dealer Trends Study and the TIA Consumer Study.

The Dealer Trends Study highlights store trends among the specialty retail segment of the trade, as well as brand perception for tennis gear and equipment from specialty tennis retailers. This annual report gives the industry's manufacturers a pulse on what products tennis dealers are carrying and the demand these dealers are seeing for the products in their respective stores. Additionally, the study highlights areas in which tennis dealers face opportunities and challenges, as well as highlights dealer's perceptions of the various brands and products in the industry and how they perform in comparison to other competing brands and products.

Conducted on an annual basis, the TIA Consumer study measures the playing characterstics, buying habits and motivations, brand awareness and perception of brand image of tennis products, and digital device usage/interaction with tennis consumption of frequent tennis players.

The Dealer Trends Study is expected to be released in mid to late September, followed by the Consumer Study in early October.

Look for brief summaries of these two reports to be made available following their release to TIA members. If you're interested in obtaining more information about TIA Research, please contact TIA Research & Operations Manager, Ryan Melton, at (843) 473-4490 or via email, research@tennisindustry.org. For more general information on TIA research efforts visit TennisIndustry.org/Research.