TIA Continues to Expand Outreach to Tennis Retailers

The TIA has been very active in its efforts to promote tennis retail and help tennis shops bring in more business. Among the initiatives is coordinating a National Youth Tennis Retail Promotion in conjunction with the USTA and manufacturers, and retailers to help educate the marketplace on the new age-appropriate equipment standards for tennis.

The Youth Tennis promotion includes placing more than a million hang-cards on racquets at retail locations across the U.S. that display Youth Tennis educational messaging. In addition, the TIA is distributing 10 and Under Tennis “Retail Kits” to authorized pro/specialty tennis retailers of 10 and Under Tennis equipment. These retail kits include a Parents' Guide to Tennis, Growth Chart Wall Poster, Authorized 10 and Under Tennis Equipment Dealer door sticker, and 10 and Under Tennis Postcards.

"The goal of the National Youth Tennis Retail Promotion is to create a consistent retail branding strategy among the various distribution channels and consumer 'touch-points' that educates both retailers and consumers, helping to streamline the equipment merchandising and purchasing process for youth tennis equipment,” says Jolyn de Boer, Executive Director of the TIA. “In addition, it helps drive awareness of the youth tennis initiative currently under way and drive age-appropriate youth tennis equipment sales through all retail channels throughout the U.S.”

Pro/specialty tennis retailers who would like to become "authorized dealers" and be listed on the 10andUnderTennis.com Retail Locator can do so by visiting TennisRetailers.org and completing the registration form. The TIA also is coordinating the USTA Community Tennis Equipment program, so eligible non-profit organizations can obtain discounted youth tennis equipment for their programs.

In addition to the Youth Tennis Retail Promotion, the TIA continues to support tennis retail with other key resources and initiatives designed to help retailers run their businesses and connect with consumers. Tennis retailers should keep their business in touch with the industry by registering for free at TennisRetailers.org.

Among benefits and resources the TIA offers are:

  • Webinars, designed specifically for retailers (topics include POS systems, research to help benchmark your business, key performance indicators, marketing your business, and much more).
  • Retail Tips and Best Practices posted online and in RSI Magazine.
  • Research Reports, which can help you chart a path for your retail business.
  • Campaign to combat counterfeit racquets, including how to become a “TIA verified dealer.”
  • TennisConnect software for retailers, which has enhanced marketing and customer service features.
  • Affinity benefits such as TennisInsure custom insurance and PartnerShip discounted shipping management programs.
  • Retail Assessments, through a partnership with retail consultant Gluskin Townley Group.