TIA Cost of Doing Business Facility Study Set for Release

Every two years the TIA surveys facility owners and managers across the country to develop the Cost of Doing Business Facilities Study. This year's report highlights important trends and benchmarks for this industry segment such as revenue per court, average membership dues, peak/off peak court fees, and more.

This bi-annual study is available to TIA Associate Members ($295/annually) or available for indepedent purchase at a price of $750.

Contained in this report are general facility trends from 2005-2013, as well as data pertaining to tennis programming at facilities and facility operational costs. Also included in this year’s report is general data from 2013 regarding facility membership numbers, average annual membership dues (relative to number of courts and facility type), court usage and fees, and more! Don’t miss your opportunity to gauge your facility’s operations next to industry-wide averages and identify opportunities for maximized growth and profitability at your tennis facility.

Highlights from the 2013 CODB Facility Study:

  • 41% of facilities report an increase in the number of members
  • 48% of facilities report an increase in court usage
  • 24% increase in average tennis revenue per court
  • 61% of players who began in introductory programs continued in follow up programs
  • Peak time court fees increased 28.5%

For questions about this year's CODB report and how you can obtain your copy, please contact the TIA's research department at research@tennisindustry.org.