TIA Forming Retail Division

The TIA is working with retailers to create a TIA Retail Division with a mission that aims “to grow the economic vitality of tennis retailers and the sport of tennis through a unified effort involving all segments of the industry.”

“Our industry has never had a retailer division or association, and we think this effort will help bring a unified, strong voice to tennis retail that can help us grow the game at all levels,” says TIA President Jon Muir. “When tennis retailers grow and prosper, it helps to lift the whole industry, too.”

The goals of the new TIA Retail Division include:

  1. Increasing the awareness of the value and needs of tennis retailers.
  2. Providing an educational pathway and mentoring system to enhance business and career opportunities.
  3. Promoting a passion for tennis and promoting tennis participation and involvement with industry initiatives.

The initial task force for the division will include members from the TIA Retail Advisory Panel: Ken Arnold of Swetka’s Tennis Shop, Mountain View, CA; Brad Blume of Tennis Express, Houston, TX; Dan Kester of I Play Tennis, Atlanta, GA; Bruce Levine of Courtside Racquet Club, Lebanon, NJ; Woody Schneider of New York City Racquet Sports; Steve Vorhaus of Rocky Mountain Racquet Specialists, Boulder, CO.; Jay Townley, retail consultant with the Gluskin Townley Group; and Marty Mohar, the TIA’s Retail Development Manager.

“As the TIA Retail Division takes shape, we expect it will provide greater representation in the industry for tennis retailers, and will help identify areas where the TIA can focus its efforts to help the retail segment grow,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer.

The TIA Retail Membership Advantage
As a voting member of the TIA Retail Division, you’ll be part of a unified effort to help boost tennis retail in the U.S., help determine key focus areas of the tennis industry, and help promote the growth of tennis. Not only will you have a chance to get involved in moving this industry forward, but you’ll also receive many direct benefits and tools that can move your business forward, too, including:

  1. Preferred placement on the industry’s “Retail Locator,” so consumers can easily find your business.
  2. “PartnerShip” shipping discount program on select FedEx services that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Take advantage of savings on inbound and outbound shipments, including up to 70% off select programs.
  3. Member Card Services, including reduced credit-card processing rates that could save you hundreds each year.
  4. 10 and Under Tennis Retail Tool Kit that includes a Growth Chart wall poster, copies of the “Parents’ Guide to Tennis, and an “Authorized Dealer” door sticker.
  5. Research reports that can help you make more informed decisions about your business.
  6. TIA Cost of Doing Business Retailer Report: Provides the latest market data on revenue expectations and allows you to compare your store against how well others are doing. (value: $450)
  7. State of the Tennis Industry: Highlights consumer demand, helps you to target your markets and will help in planning inventory levels. (value: $250)
  8. Tennis Participation Study: Topline report shows important trends in play frequency and participation overall to help in forecasting for your business. (value: $500)
  9. TennisInsure custom insurance programs, created for business, health, liability, property, auto, umbrella and Workman’s Comp requirements.
  10. Access to educational webinars with industry experts that can provide helpful insight into ways to grow your business. (value: $600)
  11. Advertising and marketing tools for your business (value: $195)
  12. Discounted access to a “retail assessment program” to evaluate and help improve your current operation. (value: $50)
  13. Downloadable “Retail Manager’s Manual,” including free access to future updates to the manual. (value: $35)
  14. Access to website designers knowledgeable about tennis retail, along with discounted services.
  15. Retail “tips” articles and newsletters, providing key, current information. (value: $50)
  16. Authorized TIA Retailer door sticker, to indicate to consumers that your business is verified.
  17. Prime placement in the TIA's weekly Careers In Tennis Job Alerts.
  18. Subscription to RSI magazine (value: $50), along with discounted advertising rates.
  19. And, as a TIA Retail Division member, you can help us determine future benefits we should look into offering tennis retailers, such as: access to discounted accounting and legal services, point-of-sale systems, store security issues, a learning/resource center for retailers, and more.

A standard TIA Retail Division voting membership, which includes TIA membership at the Industry Level and all the benefits listed above, is only $150—an investment you’ll get back many times over with all the great benefits and services you’ll receive. PLUS, you’ll be supporting your industry and have a hand in determining its future.

Get Involved Now
Go to TennisRetailers.org to sign up your business now for the Tennis Retail Locator, so consumers can easily find you. For retailers, TennisRetailers.org will be the place for timely news and important information, including blogs and forums, to help you run and grow your business.