TIA Launches New and Improved Website

TennisIndustry.org, the central information source for the tennis trade, has recently been redeveloped and relaunched by the Tennis Industry Association. The new website not only focuses on providing specified content for the various segments of the industry, but it also consolidates much of the information that previously resided on ancillary sites hosted by the TIA—making TennisIndustry.org a true "one-stop shop" for industry information.

In addition to a complete overhaul in website design, functionality, and user interface, the TIA also has integrated logins for both TIA members and for the GrowingTennis System directly into the new TennisIndustry.org.

"By integrating logins into one central location, we've eliminated the need to go to multiple sites and reduced the amount of clicks it takes to update tennis provider information in the industry's largest database of facilities, retailers, courts, and programs," says the TIA's IT Manager, Matt Allen.

"Streamlining the process of obtaining and updating information played an important role in this redesign," says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. “We focused on how to make it more intuitive for tennis providers to find the information, resources, and research pertinent to their segment of the industry.”

For instance, facility owners/managers/directors, retailers, manufacturers, and media can visit TennisIndustry.org and simply click on the appropriate link to get instant access to resources, tools, services, member benefits, and research available to help their businesses.

The new site also makes it easier for visitors to keep current on the latest developments in the industry, get involved with initiatives, and stay up-to-date on some of the key research trends the TIA monitors on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis through the "Industry Dashboard." In addition to the Dashboard, there are a variety of top-line research reportsavailable for free download in the research section of the new site.

“The TIA continues to work to grow the game and the economic vitality of the tennis industry, and the new TennisIndustry.org furthers that mission by ensuring important and pertinent information is easily accessible to help tennis businesses grow,” de Boer adds. 

Visit TennisIndustry.org to see the new and improved website. For comments and feedback on the new site, email the TIA at info@tennisindustry.org.