TIA, Manufacturers Oppose New Tariffs on Imported Goods

Earlier this month, the Trump Administration released a new round of proposed tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of US imports from China. The list of proposed products to face a 10% tariff includes certain items of sports bags, hats, apparel and synthetic monofilament racquet strings.

The Tennis Industry Association opposes this action as these tariffs will place undue financial stress on our manufacturers and the network of tennis retailers across the country. We're asking the U.S. Trade Representative to remove these products from the list.  

To inform the industry and to spur action, the TIA has gathered information on these tariffs and their impact at the website www.tariffalert.org. The TIA is encouraging manufacturers to view the information on the site, be informed on this important issue, and use the searchable HTS code database to identify any other products that may be impacted.

The information at www.tariffalert.org includes how to get in touch with government officials and representatives, along with what to tell them.

"We are working to help inform and unite tennis manufacturers and retailers on action and business steps on the impending tariffs, which will impact our economy on many levels,” says TIA President Jeff Williams. “The tariffs have the potential to discourage activity in America, when costs to equipment and sport rise."

“As a collective group, the proposed new tariffs will have a negative, and significant, impact on tennis manufacturers, our retail partners, and in the end the consumer,” says Kevin Kempin, CEO and president of Head USA. “In our industry, which is already struggling in many ways, this additional burden will be very detrimental. Let’s work together and petition to have these new tariffs rescinded.”

Because of the new taxes, many businesses that use imported Chinese products will find the cost to produce their items will increase. Small- to medium-size businesses may be particularly hard hit, since the tariffs focus on intermediary goods or parts that are used to make finished products. And consumers will be affected, as companies either raise prices and pass on the cost of the new taxes, or cut costs in other areas, such as in workforce.

Take action now! Go to www.tariffalert.org and make your feelings known.

Are your products affected by the proposed new tariffs? If so, let us know about it by contacting jolyn@tennisindustry.org.

(On a positive note, the MTB (Miscellaneous Tariff Bill) filed last year was just passed by the Senate and provides tariff relief on several items including tennis racquets, racquetball and squash racquets. This Tariff relief will see a total of $16.5 million in duty relief annually or $107.25 million in tariff relief over the next 6.5 years. Click here to view the press release from the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance on the passage of the MTB.)