TIA Manufacturer's Panel Meeting Set for August 27, 2013

The TIA will meet with members of its Manufacturer's Panel on August 27, 2013, in New York City beginning at 8:00 AM.

The Manufacturer's Panel meeting will start off by being held in conjunction with the TIA Retail Division  to discuss the recent re-launch of PlayTennis.com and future development of the site/initiative, in addition to areas in which manufacturers and retailers are able to help promote the new "one-stop" portal. Also a part of the discussion will be the newly announced "Tennis Tune-Up" campaign. This campaign is geared towards getting consumers to restring more often or upgrade their current equipment. The effort is being driven through PlayTennis.com where consumers can locate retailers and certified stringers in their area for a personalized "tune-up."

Keith Storey of Sports Marketing Surveys, USA, will also be on hand to provide an analysis and update on  recent research trends coming from the TIA's 70+ annual research reports and how they apply to the manufacturing segment of the trade.

As 10 and Under Tennis and youth tennis continues to grow, the meeting will also focus on efforts where the TIA can work with and through the manufacturers to create even more awareness of the initiative, as it did in early 2013 with over 1 million youth tennis racquet hang-tags appearing on shelves of retailers across the country. This was an effort coordinated by the TIA, in conjunction with the USTA and the industry's racquet manufacturers.

Check Tennis Industry news in early September for a brief summary of the meeting.