TIA Offers Summer Webinar Series

The TIA’s new “Knowledge Base” will include a series of educational webinars this spring and summer that touch on many segments of the tennis industry. A number of the webinar topics for this “learning series” have been adapted from presentations at the Tennis Owners & Managers Conference that was held in Miami this past March.

The first webinar was May 24, about the developments at the USTA National Campus in the Lake Nona community of Orlando, Fla. The USTA and Andy Odenbach of Tavistock Development Corp. discussed the exciting development at the 63-acre campus, which will be the New Home for American Tennis.

Throughout June, July and August, the TIA will offer many other webinars, including a three-part series on “The Key Critical Leadership Components for Running a Successful Tennis Facility” by tennis industry veteran and consultant Greg Lappin that will include segments on leadership, management and motivation; training; and how “values dictate success.”

Other webinar topics in the new learning series will include:

* Membership Sales Four-Part Series, by Casey Conrad
* Facility Management, by Doug Cash
* Programming Innovation: Tweaking Any Program to Fit Your Needs, by Mike Woody
* Best Practices for Developing & Maintaining a Successful Junior Development Program, by Ajay Pant
* A Strategic Management Series, by Jim Bates
* POP Tennis: The New Short Court Tennis Phenomenon, by Ken Lindner
* The Inactivity Pandemic—How it Impacts You & What You Can Do to Beat It, by Jim Baugh
* Is Your Facility Socially Responsible? TIA PHIT KIDS Charity Events, by Jim Baugh
* What TIA Research Means To You and Your Facility, by Keith Storey
* What’s New for Cardio Tennis Authorized Providers, by Michele Krause
* Making Sustainability Efforts Profitable at Your Facility, by P.J. Simmons & Jim Hartzfeld

For more information and to see a list of upcoming webinars, email webinars@tennisindustry.org or contact the TIA at 843-686-3036.