TIA Retail Division Meets in NYC

Tennis retailers recently met in New York City during the US Open to discuss efforts to grow the retail sector of the business, including how PlayTennis.com and the Tennis Tune-Up campaign can help drive consumers to tennis retail stores. In addition, the retailers discussed efforts to grow membership in the TIA Retail Division.

TIA Retail Development Manager, Marty Mohar, discussed the Tennis Tune-Up campaign and how it is being driven through PlayTennis.com. Retailers are encouraged to post or update their information on PlayTennis.com, so consumers can easily find information on their store. PlayTennis.com is a central “hub” for all things tennis, designed to get people playing the game, and playing more. The website is free for both consumers and providers.

Mohar also said that postcards promoting the TIA Retail Division were both mailed to retail shops and given to manufacturer sales reps to distribute to their accounts. In addition, Preferred Card Services sent a mailing to retailers, and offered $100 off Retail Division membership.

Earlier in the day, retailers and manufacturers came together to review trends and other research about tennis retail, how to help drive sales of tennis equipment, and trends in youth tennis equipment, including an update on red, orange, and green ball sales and use.