TIA Seeks Task Force to Discuss Unified Teaching Pro Group

Tennis Industry Association President Jon Muir said the TIA will work with the U.S Professional Tennis Association and the Professional Tennis Registry to form a task force that will look into the possibility of creating a single, unified tennis teaching professional organization. Muir made the announcement to more than 300 tennis providers, teaching pros, coaches, facility managers, retailers, media and industry supporters at the TIA Tennis Forum in New York just before the US Open.

“The goal with a single organization would be to strengthen the position, economic growth and industry impact overall for coaches and tennis pros,” Muir said. “It’s a great opportunity for us to initiate something that can be very positive for the industry and strengthen the delivery system.”

Muir acknowledged that talk of a unified tennis teaching pro group tends to be “politically charged,” but he said, “There’s no secret agenda here. It’s about having a stronger teaching pro segment. It’s a critical delivery system for our sport and consumers.”

By the end of 2012, Muir said, he hopes a task force can “deliver a clear recommendation for next steps. We really want to lay out a simple process of engagement with both organizations. It’s purely exploratory to say, let’s sit and talk.”