TRX Cardio Tennis Becomes Part of TRX's Professional Education 'Menu'

In an effort to create even more cross-over between the tennis and fitness world, the TIA, which manages the Cardio Tennis program in the U.S. and internationally, has partnered with one of the leading fitness products and programs, TRX, to create the ultimate ball striking and calorie burning workout with power, strength, balance and flexibility components.

TRX, which conducts more than 300 training courses globally every month, has now added TRX Cardio Tennis training courses to its menu of professional education offerings. In addition to the TRX Cardio Tennis training course, the professional education menu from TRX includes five other options.

"TRX and Cardio Tennis joining together and complimenting each other will exceed your expectations for tennis," says coaching legend Nick Bollettieri, who has witness a TRX Cardio Tennis Training course first-hand.

The TRX Cardio Tennis program includes more than 30 TRX exercises and four lesson plans, "delivering everything you need to build your business," says TRX's Director of Life Sports, Dorian Adam.

TRX Cardio Tennis Training courses, which are $295 to attend and are available to both tennis and fitness professionals, are currently being scheduled across the U.S. To view the latest schedule, visit or visit the Professional Education section of the TRX website at

Since the Cardio Tennis program first began in 2005, the programs primary focus has been to get more people active, healthy, and on the courts. With the growing demand for group and social fitness activities continuing to grow, so does the popularity of Cardio Tennis, which had more than 1.4 million participants in 2012. "TRX Cardio Tennis is an ideal way to continue to merge the fitness world with tennis," says TIA Global Cardio Tennis Manager, Michele Krause. "We're excited to be working with a globally recognized brand such as TRX and look forward to growing the TRX Cardio Tennis program into the future."